Civil law:

  • Contracts

  • Notary appointments

  • Preparation of notarial documents

  • Conveyancing / Purchase contracts

  • Rental contracts

  • Constitution and incorporation of companies

  • Breach of contracts

  • Termination of contracts

  • Enforcement and recognition of national and foreign judgments

  • Financial liability

  • Debt recovery

  • Recovery of unpaid invoices

  • Recovery of bills of exchange, promissory notes and checks

  • Foreclosure proceedings

  • Contractual and tort liability

  • Claims of compensation in relation with traffic accidents

  • Claims against insurance companies

  • Evictions and debt recovery

  • Warranty claims due to construction defects, like humidity, leaks, latent or hidden defects

  • Medical malpractice claims

  • Arrangements with creditors

  • Insolvencies

Inheritance Law:

  • Inheritance and succession

  • Division of inheritances

  • Settlement of Inheritance Tax

  • Wills

Family Law:

  • Divorces by mutual agreement or joint request

  • Contentious divorce and separation procedures

  • Registered domestic partnerships

  • Child custody

  • Alimony payments and compensatory maintenance

  • Use and enjoyment of the matrimonial home

  • Division of matrimonial joint estates

  • Proceedings of incapacity

  • Guardianship and Curatorship

  • Paternity and filiation

We will advise you and defend your interests through all stages and kinds of administrative or court proceedings. We also offer family mediation services.

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